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Set Up Your Trade Profile in Toolbot

Toolbot adds your business details to all estimates, quotes, or invoices you create. Edit your Business Profile to add or manage your contact details and ensure your customers have the correct information.

You must select the correct option for VAT as this affects how Toolbot calculates prices from your catalogue for labour and certificates when they are added to estimates, quotes, and invoices.

Follow this article to learn how to fill in your business details.

Go start your free trial if you’ve not already done so (no credit card is required to sign up!).

Opening Your Profile

To create or edit your Business Profile, in the top right-hand corner of the Toolbot screen, click on your name to open the menu and select My Profile, then Business Profile, where you can update the following information:

About My Business

Use this form to add or update your business details, including your logo.

Business Logo

Start by uploading your business logo, or an image, to personalise your Toolbot account. This image won’t be visible outside of your account, but please note this may change in future as additional services are added to Toolbot.

To upload a file, click Change, and then use the Open dialogue to select the image you want to use. A JPG or PNG is best. Click Change to replace your current image or Remove to delete it.


Business Name

Next, enter the trading name of your business, or update the name already shown. This will appear on the estimates, quotes, and invoices you send to your customers.

Select Business Type

Select the type of trade business you operate, e.g. Plumber, or Electrician. Select Other if your business type is not included and type in your trade in the Other Type box.

Select Business Currency

Toolbot currently supports currencies in the United Kingdom (GBP), Europe (EUR), the United States (USD), and Australia (AUD). Select the one for your region.

Trading Type

Choose between Sole Trader and Limited Company to show how you operate your business.

Company Number

If you selected Limited Company for your Trading Type, enter your company registration number. This is the number given to you by Companies House.

VAT Registered

Select Yes or No to indicate your VAT registration status. If you are VAT registered, VAT will be added to your labour charges on all estimates, quotes, and invoices.

VAT Number

If you selected Yes to indicate you are VAT Registered, type in your VAT registration number. This is the number given to you by HMRC.


Optionally you can include your business website or Facebook page. This will be included in your estimates, quotes, and invoices.

When you have finished filling in the form, click Save, and you’re done.


Next Steps

Your Toolbot journey starts here! Login to your account or sign up for your free 30-day trial – no credit card required.

Watch the tutorial for creating your Toolbot profile here 👇


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