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A Guide to Personalising Your Toolbot Account

With Toolbot's My Profile feature, you have the power to personalise your experience, allowing your unique personality to shine through. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to tailor your Toolbot profile, from adding a photo to updating your contact details and social media accounts.

Go start your free trial if you’ve not already done so (no credit card is required to sign up!).

Opening Your Profile

The My Profile tab is located in the top right-hand corner of the Toolbot screen. Click on your name to open the menu, then select My Profile. Here, you'll find an array of options to update and customize your information:

About Me

Use the About Me section to add or update your personal information. This is your chance to provide a brief overview that gives clients a glimpse into the person behind the tools.

Show Your Face

Upload a photo or avatar to personalize your account. While it is currently visible only within your account, it is a subtle touch that adds a human element to your professional image. Note that as Toolbot evolves, this may change in the future as interactive features are introduced.


Select your title from the list – Mr, Ms, Mrs, or Miss. This optional touch adds a dash of formality to your estimates, quotes, and invoices, giving them a polished and personalised touch.

Contact Details

Ensure your contact details are up-to-date. Your full name, mobile number, and email address will be used on any estimates, quotes, or invoices you create. This ensures easy communication and builds trust with your clients.

Social Media

Optionally, include your Twitter handle, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and Instagram handle. While not currently featured in estimates and invoices, we will be adding them soon.

Saving Your Changes

After you've crafted the perfect profile, click Save to ensure all your updates are applied. Your personalised Toolbot profile is now ready to go.



Your Toolbot profile is more than just a collection of details – it's your digital persona in the trades community. Seize the opportunity to personalise it with Toolbot's user-friendly features. Click on your name, navigate to My Profile, and let your professional identity shine through. Use Toolbot to create a profile that speaks volumes about your expertise, reliability, and the person behind the tools.

Your Toolbot journey starts with a click – make it count!

Watch the tutorial for creating your Toolbot profile here 👇 


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