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Showcase Your Expertise with Toolbot Accreditations

In the competitive world of tradespeople, establishing trust and showcasing your expertise is paramount. One powerful way to do this is by adding accreditations to your Toolbot account. These badges of honour not only signal that you're registered with a governing body or affiliated with industry associations but also serve as a testament to your professionalism. In this guide, we'll explore why accreditations matter and how you can effortlessly boost your reputation on Toolbot.

Go start your free trial if you’ve not already done so (no credit card is required to sign up!).


Why Accreditations Matter

Accreditations are more than just credentials; they're a visual representation of your commitment to excellence. When customers see that you're registered with a governing body for your trade or affiliated with reputable business associations, it instils confidence. It's a clear signal that you take your profession seriously and adhere to industry standards.

Including accreditations in your Toolbot profile goes beyond mere validation – it's a strategic move to enhance your reputation. By showcasing your competency as a skilled tradesperson, you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Potential clients are more likely to choose a tradesperson who can demonstrate a dedication to quality and professionalism.


Adding Accreditations to Your Toolbot Account

Now, let's dive into the practical steps of adding accreditations to your Toolbot account. It's a straightforward process that can make a significant impact on how customers perceive your services.

Navigate to the Accreditations tab by clicking on Settings in the left-hand menu on the Toolbot screen. This is your gateway to enhancing your trade profile.

Add an Accreditation

Click Add Accreditation to open the window where you can select from a pre-loaded list of options, including well-known accreditations like NAPIT or The Gas Safety Register. Enter your registration or membership number and click Save to add your certificate.

Adding a Custom Accreditation

If your accreditation or business association isn't in the pre-loaded list, don't worry. Scroll to the end, and under Others, choose Add New. Enter the association's name, along with your registration or membership number, and click Save to personalize your profile even further.


Your Toolbot profile is not just a digital presence; it's a reflection of your professionalism and expertise. By taking a few minutes to add accreditations, you're not only informing potential clients of your qualifications but also differentiating yourself in a competitive market. So, let your expertise shine – click on Settings and navigate to the Accreditations tab, and elevate your trade profile on Toolbot today!


Watch the tutorial for setting up your Toolbot account here 👇 


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