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10 Tips for Delivering Great Customer Service as a Trade

Creating a positive impression with your customers is essential as it contributes to the likelihood of receiving word-of-mouth recommendations, repeat business, and timely payment of your invoices.

Demonstrating respect for your clients and their property is of paramount importance, given that they have entrusted you to fulfil the project requirements in good faith. Even when compensated for your services, it is crucial to remain conscious that you are operating within another individual's home or place of work, a fact that should never be overlooked.

Here's our top 10 list of way you can deliver the best possible customer service to your clients. We've combined the viewpoints of a tradesperson with a customer to compile this list - don't forgot to let us know in the comments below if you think we've missed one out!

1 - Mind Your Language: While it may appear self-evident, the use of profanity, even when unintentional, can negatively impact your professional image. Maintaining a clean and respectful language, regardless of your client's vocabulary, is essential to creating a professional atmosphere.

2 - Utilize Dustsheets: Neglecting to use dustsheets can have substantial repercussions and cause a lot of trouble. Using dustsheets is vital to prevent damage and the need for extensive post-job cleaning.

3 - White-Soled Shoes: The practice of wearing white-soled shoes, particularly for painters and decorators, promotes a cleaner and more professional appearance while eliminating the risk of leaving unsightly scuff marks. Unless explicitly instructed otherwise, assume your clients expect you to remove your shoes upon entering their home - or at least use shoe covers.

4 - Maintain Personal Hygiene: Maintaining a clean and fresh appearance is essential. Keeping deodorant, a spare t-shirt, and mints on hand in your van can help ensure that you are presentable and pleasant to work with.

5 - Exhibit Politeness: Seeking permission to use your client's facilities, even when you feel it should be implied, is a courteous gesture that demonstrates respect. Good manners hold significant value in fostering positive working relationships.

6 - Effective Communication: Clear and consistent communication is crucial. Inform your client when you intend to begin and complete tasks, especially when they are present. Avoid disappearing off site without notice, which can leave clients wondering about your progress.

7 - Address Parking Concerns: To prevent delays and inconveniences, always inquire in advance about parking arrangements at the client's location. Ensure you are well-informed about any required permits or parking restrictions.

8 - Maintain a Friendly Demeanour: A warm and approachable attitude helps put clients at ease, promoting trust and open communication. This is particularly important when working in clients' homes or business premises and contributes to future job opportunities and recommendations.

9 - Leave a Clean Workspace: Leaving behind a tidy workspace is imperative. Seek the client's permission to dispose of waste materials in their bins, and ensure that any debris or dust resulting from the job is properly cleaned up.

10 - The Customer's Always Right: While you may have strong opinions about design choices, it is essential to respect the client's decisions. Offer guidance when appropriate, but avoid imposing personal judgments, as it is ultimately the client who must live with the choices they make.

If there are points you believe should be included or if you have any other insights to share, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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